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Webplat technologies offer Forex trading app and software development services to provide valuable products.

Looking for a personalized forex trading application and software? Webplat is a personalized forex trading application and web development service in Pune, India, where Webplat offers excellent products. Foreign Exchange/ Forex markets, often referred to as overmarkets, are places where you can buy and sell foreign currencies. Without the help of experts and consultants, it wouldn't have been easier. Today, with globalization, it's very easy to participate in forex trading. Forex exchange software will be easy for anyone who wants to enter this trading era by providing the right information and better assistance. It makes it very easy for traders, investors, or institutions to guess future and further movements in the trading market and buy and sell properly. This software does more than just help traders. They help people.

Webplat Technologies is one of the fastest-growing app development and software development companies in Pune, India. Where we meet all Integration development needs. Forex exchange software is extremely beneficial to all traders, investors, and financial institutions who engage in it. They provide you with market updates and even assist you in scheduling your deal. In Pune, India, Webplat Technologies provides Forex Trading applications for iOS and Android platforms, as well as web development software services. with complete API Integrations.

Webplat Technologies Offer

Forex Trading Features

Trusted Transactions and a Full Transactions History

Making historical data available to traders so that they may plan their next move and forecast the market. Trading becomes more methodical with personal ledgers since you can track your records and make references.

Withdraw - Deposit

Allowing consumers to deposit their assets anytime they choose, hence maintaining the business's liquidity flow. In the same way, forcing them to withdraw their money as quickly and efficiently as possible in the system.


API-integrated platform to maintain good sync with all the different aspects.

Real-Time Reports on the Dashboard

All analytical reports are easily accessible through the dashboard and real-time reports.

Trading Platform For Currency.

A platform that includes a variety of functions in addition to trading is ideal for every trader, and providing the option of currency trading allows users to take advantage of the market.

Updates and Upgrades that are Perfectly Smooth.

All software and application updates and upgrades will be smooth and without interruption.

Best Features

  • Easy to Open New Account and Buy and Sell Process is very simple.
  • Helpful to know more about Forex market potential to investors & partners.
  • A dedicated support team that responds quickly to all queries.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard and Reports.