We Are Webplat

We know the secret of your success

Simplify your payment process and improve resident satisfaction.

we understand the challenge to keep up with the speed of life. One of the biggest speedbumps in that journey? Paying the rent. It’s an outdated process, with lots of players and moving parts. So, we created a platform to simplify and streamline rent collection.

Today, we deliver this platform to the largest property management companies in the country — this represents thousands of apartment buildings, with millions of renters!

What We Offer

Pay via Credit/ Debit cards

Free yourself and your residents from old-timey paper checks! With a credit or debit card as a payment method, they can skip the stamps and enjoy even more points. And you can stop running around to deposit checks.

Pay From Bank Account

it’s just a fancy way for your residents to pay their rent electronically, straight from their bank account. They’ll like it so much better than having to dig out an actual checkbook.

Best Features in India

  • Easily Rental and Bill payments.
  • Improving resident satisfaction
  • 24x7 Assistance
  • Available 24*7, 365 Days.