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Payment Gateway

A custom platform will provide you with the solutions that you require without breaking the banks.

  • Save on Payment Gateway Fees
  • Custom Features
  • Offer Payment Gateway Products
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Payout Product

You can have your own software for Simplify payments from your company account for salary, vendor payments, refunds, partner payments, and more.

  • Make payouts to a bank account, UPI, wallet, or debit card
  • Manage vendors and their payouts
  • Franchise payout management
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Rental/ Bill Payments

Paying the rent. It’s an outdated process, with lots of players and moving parts. So, we created a platform to simplify and streamline rent collection.

  • Pay via Credit/ Debit cards
  • Pay From Bank Account
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Looking for an Integration B2B service for your digital business solutions, webplat technologies is the leading B2b integration Service provider.

  • Enhance partners' self-service capabilities to enable users to trace, verify, and control the stream of data in the ecosystem.
  • Provide effective communication protocols, data formats, data transmission options
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The distribution of administrations or items from individuals or organizations to the end client (Consumer).

  • We're mindful that customers are learning the right things and how to attract the right customers to your website.
  • We assist businesses in achieving their goals by bringing them into the online world through insurgency.
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The Internet's fastest-growing industry is electronic commerce. Everyone's business is expanding quickly, whether they're business owners or well-known brands.

  • Comprehensive Approach
  • Design with a Focus on Customer Information Needs
  • Perfect and user-friendly Ecommerce website
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