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A product is a specific service.

You can have your own software for Simplify payments from your company account for salary, vendor payments, refunds, partner payments, and more.A product is a specific service, facility, scheme or utility that you make available to customers of your bank.

What We Offer

Make payouts to a bank account, UPI, wallet, or debit card

Send payments to any mode preferred by your beneficiary. Verify the beneficiary bank accounts in real time before making payouts.

Manage vendors and their payouts

Vendors and partners are essential for any business to function smoothly. Manage vendor data centrally via an easy on-boarding process. Make payouts to your vendors in bulk or one at a time.

Split payments

Automatically split incoming payments between one or many beneficiaries. Pre-define the split of payments either in percentage or fixed values. Eliminate manual reconciliations and errors via automated transfers.

Franchise payout management

Transfer payments to your franchises automatically or via a maker/checker mode. Configure revenue split between your organization and your franchise once and let the payouts product do the rest.

Bulk payouts

Make payouts in bulk. Save time and effort invested in making payouts. Simply upload an excel sheet and the payouts are completed within minutes.

Standardize incoming invoices

Provide a facility for your vendor to create invoices in a format approved by you. Receive these vendor invoices straight in your dashboard. Put an end to calls, emails and messages exchanged due to incorrect invoice formats from your vendors.

Best Features

  • Payouts To Bank account and card.
  • Payouts even on bank holidays.
  • Payouts are easily available 24x7.
  • Payouts to wallet.