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Business B2C is among the fastest growing on the web.

The distribution of administrations or items from individuals or organizations to the end client (Consumer). Business B2C is among the fastest growing on the web. The B2C phase involves web buying and searching for data via the Internet. Individuals are increasingly used to buying online, depending on the growing web sector. We're mindful that customers are learning the right things and how to attract the right customers to your website. This is the most important and biggest step in developing a B2C site and a website entry. Webplat Technologies provides digital business solutions to a B2C services company to consumer services, assisting your consumers with Great business solutions.

Webplat Technologies is a top B2C service provider in Pune and around India, specializing in fintech services, API integration, payment gateway services, payouts, rental payment services, mobile app development, and web development.

What We Offer

Flight Booking

Hotel Booking

Travel Agent Portal

Taxi/Bus Booking

Holiday Packages

API/GDS/XML Integration

Best Features

  • Direct contact with the consumer.
  • Increased Accessibility.
  • Brief descriptions of products.
  • Business customers appreciation